Course Descriptions

St. Helena School’s curriculum highlights a strong base in the fundamentals of reading, writing and mathematics and science. As a result of the adaptation of Common Core State Standards and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) into our curriculum, problem solving is becoming a strong focus of lesson planning. The science lab is used by many levels to provide hands-on experiences and peer collaboration. Many teachers have incorporated problem solving skills into projects in language arts and religion lessons as well. 

An Accelerated Math program is offered in the middle school grades. Students have the opportunity to practice grade 7 and 8 math skills in Pre-Algebra before entering a complete year course of Algebra I in grade 8. Exceptional students in this group complete high school math placement tests and are awarded accelerated and honors courses in Geometry. Resources for remedial reinforcement for all pupils and modifications as directed for ISP students are also available within each subject by all teachers. These efforts are assisted by the special needs educators provided through the Middlesex Regional Educational Services Commission. Students are recommended by teachers, test scores and Terra Nova testing results. Qualifying students are offered additional small group instruction or individual and in-class support with the MRESC teaching staff located in classrooms on the second floor of the school building.

Through its social studies and civics curriculum, the students are offered opportunities to learn about the world around them, from the past to the present. Students in grades four through eight also participate in global collaboration projects that allow them to connect to others from around the world using various technology tools. As a result, students become more aware of issues, such as stereotypes and poverty, and learn about lifestyles of other cultures from both written materials as well primary sources.