Grade 4

Language Arts

Our 4th Grade English Language Arts curriculum has been adapted to include many of the Common Core State Standards. The goal is to prepare all students for the next grade by providing challenging and focused learning that progresses throughout the year.  The reading program is designed to develop students’ abilities to comprehend text of varied genres and increasing complexity while continuing to support foundational skills. Writing instruction includes opinion pieces, informative/explanatory pieces, and narratives. Research skills are expanded upon as are the skills of editing and revising. Meaningful, structured discussions are one of the ways students engage in the text or topic. Students are encouraged to expand their knowledge of the topics studied through collaborative research and presentations. The use of language to acquire and convey meaning effectively is stressed in Vocabulary, Spelling, and Grammar lessons.


The math curriculum also incorporates many of the Common Core State Standards in NJ. Fourth grade students use the Math Connects series from Macmillan McGraw-Hill.  The program uses manipulatives, books and technology such as calculators and computers. There is an emphasis on realistic problem solving. Students continue to learn basic facts,  but learning  takes place in a variety of ways.  Students will use a variety of strategies to practice, review, and retain basic information.  And, with the implementation of our 1:1 Chromebook program, the students can practice their skills and work on projects using technology in the classroom.  Extra practice is required at home. Khan Academy is a wonderful for tool for this purpose.  It has tutorial videos for students to view and has multiple problems for them to practice on different topics. 

Grade 4 Math Core Standards