To develop sensitivity to the role music plays in our cultural heritage.  The songs have been chosen from folk literature, along with the composed songs that have entered traditional repertory. The listening selections are either?classics or contemporary compositions that have marks of becoming classics. The music, together with related poetry and sound and pictures are all related in a structure in which music concepts grow out of a rich musical experience.  Goal: Introduction of the basic elements of music.

GRADES 3, 4 and 5

Music Theory is being practiced:  Note reading and writing and solfeggio.  Introduction of the basic elements of music such Rhythm and Melody to prepare the students for the Vocal Repertoire.

GRADES 6, 7 and 8

Goal: To provide students a comprehensive learning materials (Recordings, Videos, Concerts) to experience a personal relationship with the music itself which prepare the students to put on what they experienced and to have a better understanding on how music works. Introduction of the different periods in music as well as the composers. Elements of music in a wider scope (Form, Harmony, Ostinato, Scales, Intervals, Chords) and a wide variety of vocal repertoire are implemented.