At St. Helena School, we believe that technology should be incorporated into all areas of our academic curriculum. We understand that technology is dynamic and we constantly strive to keep up with the latest research on technology in education. Our state of the art computer lab provides the students with the tools to participate in 21st Century Learning and allows them to expand on their knowledge of not only their academics, but the global world in which we now live. An important part of our technology education is internet safety and ethics and how technology affects our ever-changing world.

The technology curriculum for St. Helena School runs approximately 30-35 weeks and covers terminology, drawing and design, typing, basic office tools, coding and simple programming, research, media literacy, Digital Citizenship, Internet safety and Google Apps for Education and other open source tools. There are two benchmarks from the National Education Technology Standards that students should achieve at St. Helena School, the first will be by the end of Grade 2 and the second, by the end of grade 8. It is our goal to make sure the students are proficient in these technology skills by the time they graduate from our school.

NETS (National Educational Technology Standards (updated 2016)